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L'Aïd al-Fitr célébré partout à travers le monde (PHOTOS)

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CORRECTION - Filipino Muslims participate in morning prayers as they celebrate Eid al-Fitr at the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Grand Mosque in the Philippine city of Cotabato on July 6, 2016. Muslims across the world are celebrating the annual festival of Eid al-Adha, or the festival of sacrifice, which marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and commemorates Prophet Abraham's readiness to sacrifice his son to show obedience to God. / AFP / MARK NAVALES / The erroneous mention[s] appearing in the metadata of this photo by MARK NAVALES has been modified in AFP systems in the following manner: [Cotabato] instead of [Maguindanao]. Please immediately remove the erroneous mention[s] from all your online services and delete them from your servers. If you have been authorized by AFP to distribute them to third parties, please ensure that the same actions are carried out by them. Failure to promptly comply with these instructions will entail liability on your part for any continued or post notification usage. Therefore we thank you very much for all your attention and prompt action. We are sorry for the inconvenience this notification may cause and remain at your disposal for any further information you may require. (Photo credit should read MARK NAVALES/AFP/Getty Images)

Aujourd'hui, les musulmans du monde entier célèbrent l'Aïd Al-Fitr, marquant la fin du mois du mois de Ramadan.

De Tunis, à Beyrouth, en passant par Le Pirée ou encore Moscou, le HuffPost Tunisie vous propose de revenir en photos sur la prière de l'Aïd al-Fitr aux quatre coins de la planète.

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