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Cette artiste maquilleuse va vous retourner la tête avec ces illusions d'optique (PHOTOS)

MAQUILLAGE - Mimi Choi, cette artiste maquilleuse vivant à Toronto va vous fasciner avec ses maquillages absolument renversants et qui créent de vraies illusions d'optique.

Elle partage ses créations sur son compte Instagram suivi par 130 000 abonnés. Ici pas de Photoshop utilisé.

Cette véritable artiste ne partage aucune astuce ni conseil, elle se contente de publier ses réalisations.

DETAILS • All #makeup, no Photoshop • "Inception" makeup illusion inspired by a photoshopped image of Paul Ryan. Used @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_canada pencil and liquid eyeliners plus matte eyeshadows for this look. Lashes are all @houseoflashes "Knockout" falsies except for the littlest ones that I had to paint on. Took 3 hours. How I do my 5-minute #browblock (works for thinner brows): Dab @Duoadhesive or Prosaide on brows and press them with a spatula until your brow hairs are flattened. Wait till it's dry completely then apply colour corrective concealer on with a @beautyblender, pressing it hard into the hairs. Powder, press, and repeat concealer if needed until you achieve the coverage you want! ✨👀 __________________________________________________ Winner of #MIMLESORIGINALS makeup contest will be announced in the next post! 😍🤗💖

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This is #makeup • WORLDS WITHIN ME • Starting #2017 with this little layered-face makeup illusion inspired by a surreal drawing by @miles_art -- Thanks @ahlam_mallak for the suggestion! ❤️ _________ Products used: @kryolanofficial aquacolors, @suvabeauty hydra liners and @makeupforeverofficial @makeupforeverca eyeshadows. Lashes are @houseoflashes "Mon Chéri"

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"If people copy you, move on. Create better, more unique things. They will always be one step behind, playing catchup." - @minsooky ___________ Close-up of the signature multiple-eye/lips makeup illusion I did on Emma yesterday. This might or might not have contributed to me fainting on the street after work, haha. 😅 Thank God @andrewy527 was there to collect me off the ground. To all makeup artists: Don't forget to eat this weekend. #MIMLESHALLOWEEN ___________ All hand-painted using @makeupforeverofficial @makeupforeverca flash palettes and Aqua XL eye pencils. Lashes are @velourlashesofficial "Whispie Sweet Nothings". Used @evepearl HD foundation and @stilacosmetics intense black stay-all-day eyeliner to define the eyes.

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