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Les gourous du fitness à suivre sur Instagram


FITNESS - Qui dit retour des beaux jours, dit retour des maillots. Et si vous voulez avoir un ventre un petit peu plus tonifié, c’est le temps de vous y mettre. Besoin de motivation? Tour d’horizon de nos comptes Instagram préférés d’entraîneurs et d’athlètes à travers le monde.

Le réseau social est déjà saturé de monde partageant leurs bonnes habitudes de vie, mais il y en a une poignée qui nous inspire quand vient le temps de se mettre à l’exercice. Des phrases de motivation, des entraînements amusants, des histoires inspirantes… Découvrez nos gourous fitness préférés :

Legs destroyed today but the twiggies need to grow! Almost worse than 10RM Back Squat, that legit stole my soul, were the Front Rack Tempo Step Ups! 😵 Don't let the empty bar fool you! Those things were killing both me AND @sweeney9586 😫😂 Oh! And Happy Hump Day 😘🍑

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YESSSSSSSS!!! Another Monday. Make it yours. Make it awesome. #motivationmonday

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Last night's @FullBeautyStyle yoga class was pretty magical- I was able to give hands-on #inversion adjustments with the surprisingly mellow sounds of a torrential downpour as the bass line. I grew up in the land of random summer storms, but last night's NYC storm took the cake- legit, the strength and sudden nature of the wind and rain stole both mine and my Uber driver's breath. Rain + Traffic = me and my dude sat in non-moving traffic for nearly 1.5 hours. I'm sure actual New Yorkers are desensitized to weather related traffic shenanigans, but my jaw was on the car floor for most of the ride. Straight up country mouse over here, for real. Hopefully we'll have better weather for the rest of the week, but regardless- I'll be at #fullbeauty HQ (1 NY Plaza, near Water Street!) again on Wednesday to teach again! The class is sold out, but it never hurts to get on the wait list- See y'all tomorrow! #beplayfull #partner #fullbeautySPORT #OwnYourCurves

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GET CHESTY! Here's that chest stack to go with yesterday's back stack. Pre-exhaust the chest with 15-20 reps of a cable or band fly (I'm using @crossoversymmetry bands). Then with those pecs already pumped do as many dips (modify with assisted dips, off-bench dips, or close-grip push-ups) as you can and then as many pushups (elevate hands if needed) as you can. There should be no more than 20 seconds between moves. It will feel like you're wearing a weight vest on those last 2 moves due to the pre-fatigue but without as much stress on the joints or nervous system so it's easier to recover from. Do 2-4 rounds resting 2 minutes between rounds. #Chest #ChestWorkout #Pecs #Pectorals #PecsWorkout #BJGaddour #MetaGainz #YourBodyIsYourBarbell #PecPump #Gym #💪

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#FearTheReturn #FridayDec30 #rouseyvsnunes #ufc207 Pic by @ewillphoto

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